広島のアーティスト、絵本作家であるミヤタタカシ (Takashi Miyata) のドローイング
ART · 2022/02/22
広島のアーティスト、絵本作家であるミヤタタカシ (Takashi Miyata) のドローイング
ART · 2022/01/14

ART · 2022/01/04
ART · 2021/12/08

広島のアーティスト、絵本作家であるミヤタタカシ (Takashi Miyata) のドローイング
ART · 2021/07/03
ART · 2021/07/01

bologna alphabet poster drawing by Japanese artist Takashi Miyata
ART · 2021/06/01
Takashi Miyata Japanese artist, picture book writer.
ART · 2021/04/05
This time, due to the effects of the COVID-19, I could hardly conduct any interviews in the area where I stayed to prepare for my work. On weekdays, it was tranquil with almost no tourists. When I decided to stay here, there were many rainy days, making the misty islands look fantastic. The former hospital in Mitarai where I was staying is an old wooden building. It has a distinctive atmosphere with shadows, and it really makes you feel like you see ghosts. In Japan, there is a belief called...

Sanmai -Installation art-
ART · 2021/04/02
A small boat called a "sanmai" was in the former Fujibayashi Clinic, built in the 1920s, where I stayed and worked. Many people here had the skills to make a boat, and it was a piece of cake to make a small one. Sanmai literally means "three sheets" in Japanese; the name comes from the fact that it was made by fixing three wooden plate components together, one for the bottom of the boat and two for the sides. In Mitarai, sanmai were kept in many homes as playthings for children. In my...
ART · 2021/04/01
During my residency in Mitarai, an old town on an island in the Seto Inland Sea, I encountered exciting figures that appear as characters in my picture book. A turtle in a traditional carving and traditional engravings of a bear is found on the street. Wild monkeys walk around there as "Beware of Monkeys" signs caution. I don't see any monkeys there, though. Islands here around are famous for citrus fruits, and Mitarai has a wealth of these fruits. A bear is the main character for the picture...