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Align the printed and cut papers and secure them with clips.
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広島県廿日市市にあるBookCafeホリデイ書店にて行われた絵本と絵の展示「どこまでもとんでいける」に向けて制作した切り絵によるイラストレーション。This illustration was made for exhibition "I can fly anywhere" at HOLIDAY BOOK cafe. This illustration made by cutting picture technique. Material is a colored paper.

other · 2018/12/27
ホリデイ書店での展示「どこまでもとんでいける」12/24に無事終了しました。ご来場くださった方、絵本、切り絵イラスト、ポストカードなど購入いただいた方、そして会場を提供してくださったホリデイ書店の店主さま、あみぐるみを制作してくださった手編み作家のこまいてさまありがとうございました。絵本を注文していただいた方には製本が完了しましたらお知らせするのでしばらくお待ちください。 ホリデイ書店では、作品や雑貨を展示される方を募集しています。ぜひご検討ください。搬入搬出が自力で可能な距離にお住いの方に限ります。 ・ホリデイ書店はこちらから> ・展示についてはこちらから> それでは良いお年を!
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広島県廿日市のコミュニティBookCafe ホリデイ書店での絵本と原画の展示に向けて、DMデザイン中。徐々に固まってきた。

Umibouzu(Japanese sea monster) Picrurebook by Japanese artist Takashi Miyata ミヤタタカシ
other · 2018/11/05
Umibouzu(Sea monster) and the traditional lighthouse are the main characters in this work. Umibozu is a Japanese specter that appears in the sea. It is a black giant that suddenly appear out of the calm sea and attack humans sailing or bathing in the water. It is said to be several meters to several dozen meters in size. I interviewed a local person during my stay in Mitarai. Kids used to play in the sea by ducking under many boats and competing to see how many ships they could pass over, or...
other · 2018/11/04
During my residency in Mitarai, an old town on an island in the Seto Inland Sea, I encountered exciting figures that appear as characters in my picture book. A turtle in a traditional carving and traditional engravings of a bear is found on the street. Wild monkeys walk around there as "Beware of Monkeys" signs caution. I don't see any monkeys there, though. Islands here around are famous for citrus fruits, and Mitarai has a wealth of these fruits. A bear is the main character for the picture...